Duct Cleaning Services - (Call or email for quote!)
We clean all your ducts in the supply and return system, from the registers down to the furnace. 
A temporary filter is installed and we run an air pressurized snake into the ducts to loosen any
debris build-up. By using 200Ibs of compressed air, we blow all the dust and debris down to a 
vacuum access above your furnace and our 1100 CFM vacuum sucks the dust out of your ducts
and into our dolly mounted vacuum.

Furnace Tune-Up Service -  (Call or email for quote!)
We clean and inspect all electrical connections. Clean and oil the blower motor and wheel. Clean the 
burners and gas orifice. We also adjust the burner if needed and then check combustion and carbon 
monoxide levels. Then we provide you an efficiency report on your furnace’s operation. Heating and air conditioning.

A/C Tune-Up Service -  (Call or email for quote!)
We clean all electrical connections. Oil all motors and fans, clean exterior condenser coils with high 
pressure air and a special HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) solvent. We check for proper 
Freon levels, and then run the unit to check for proper operation.  Aerotek HVAC heating A/C installation / Repair.

Hot Water Heater (Boiler) Cleaning Service -  (Call or email for quote!)
We pull the boiler and burners out and clean them. We clean the heat exchanger, pilot assembly and the 
orifice. Oil the pumps. Check the water pressure and carbon monoxide levels.

Gas Fireplace Cleaning Service -  (Call or email for quote!)
We inspect the flue in the chimney and remove any soot or sediment that has accumulated. Test the gas 
pressure and inspect the pilot assembly, contacts, fins, inducer motor, and clean the burners and orifice.

Fireplace and Chimney Cleaning Service -  (Call or email for quote!)​
We sweep the flue of the chimney from the top down to the fire pit using a steel bristle brush. Then we 
brush all the creosote into the pit and vacuum all the soot up and dispose of it for you.


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